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If you just got a puppy or just looking for some help to train your pup(s) with positive reinforcement, in-home training with a certified dog trainer, I highly recommend you reach out to Patricia Calderone with Clicker Canines. She is great, knowledgeable and my dogs love her! I have noticed a huge difference in my fur babies since the start of their training and can't wait for what the future holds!


Lockport, IL 



"When the student is ready, the teacher will come"

That is how I feel about the relationship between you, and Ivy. This sweet girl was ready to learn. You have guided her to be the best she can be. Transformed from anxious, to a very calm dog. She is so sweet and lovable. We still work on her lessons, and she really enjoys the search and rescue. As you mentioned, Shepard's love that work. I hope in the near future, you can guide her for service training with children. As you mentioned, "not training your dog, is like not sending your child to school". Thank you 


Renee M.


I just want to share what a great experience it was working with Patricia Calderone through Canine Clickers!  Patricia came highly recommended and she did not disappoint!

I adopted a 1.5yr old dog from a shelter and was at my wits end trying to workout some behavior issues.  Specifically dog reactivity, attacking the front door and starting to nip for attention.  
Patricia first did a phone consultation and asked my goals/hopes from our one on one in home training sessions.  Keeping that in mind she basically customized on what we needed from training  and was able to adjust it weekly. She checked in on us several times during the week for progress updates and gave us super easy tips to help build on what he/we learned.  Patiricia has a ton of knowledge on dog behavior and psychology.  This helped me understand and taught me why some behaviors were happening and how to manage or train.  By the end we were able to walk on a leash and walk past other dogs successfully, wait patiently for food and have people enter the house without attacking.  

Meatball truly loved the experience too! Her style of positive reinforcement and excitement kept this stubborn bully engaged and happy to learn.

I truly was ready to consider returning our little stubborn bully, but with the help from Patricia he is fitting in nicely.  This was an investment that truly changed our family.

Lisa Biernat and Meatball (American Bully)



Clicker Canines is hands down THE BEST dog training service. Patricia is amazing to work with. She is knowledgeable, experienced, insightful and extremely helpful. She helped our 6-month-old puppy, Laszlo, build up his confidence and truly helped him to shine! Laszlo now knows the commands stay, relax (lie down), leave it, and more! Not to mention, Laszlo too adored Patricia and loved his training days with her. Patricia also answered all our questions and provided us with the resources, knowledge, and advice to keep Laszlo thriving! If you’re looking for dog training services, you can end your search here. Clicker Canines and Patricia will not disappoint!



Tinley Park, IL



Hi Patricia,
Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for spending as much time on the line as I needed to feel prepared in my new role! You answered my questions and shared all your tips and tricks (muffin tin on standby ) so that my first ever foster pup’s transition can be as smooth as possible.

Feeling ready for the big day tomorrow and you helped get me there...thank you


Phone Consult

New foster mom

Patricia is a miracle worker! When I first called her I was wondering if there was any point in doing training, because we would be starting training late in our dog's life. Zeus is a 4 year old American Eskimo, and had grown to be less friendly towards other dogs as he aged to the point that I thought it was dangerously aggressive. His leash walking was also something not to be desired. I am now very proud to say he is a new dog and surprised us all! In the Behavior Modification 6-week Program, he was able to over come 4 years of poor behavioral traits. Patricia showed us that it's never too late, and that our dog can still make friends. On our last day of training we actually had Patricia's dog in our home with Zeus welcoming Lily! There was no aggressive behavior, and they were playing training games together! Also, the skills learned in the in home training allowed me to transition them to outside during our walks to the point that Zeus now walks next to me with minimal tugging and following commands. I am very happy that my Aunt referred us to Patricia, and I will happily recommend her to anyone looking to train any dog. Thank you Patricia and Lily!

Jordan, Mary and Brady Carrero

New Lenox, IL Zeus Carrero (American Eskimo)

July 2019





I would highly recommend the in-home puppy course with Patricia! She really knows her stuff and worked so well with Tucker, our Mini Bernedoodle. She showed us how to deal with common puppy behaviors in a positive and loving way. Puppies are a LOT of work and this class was really worth helping us get started on the right foot!" - Dieterle Family, Naperville, IL




Working with Patricia was so insightful! My dog and I learned a ton about improving manners, refocusing, relaxation, and obedience. Vito has made a remarkable improvement and only continues to do so with daily training. The one on one sessions were extremely helpful and personal, along with the written lesson plans I received post sessions. Patricia makes it so easy to continue training and maintenance for my baby and I! I would highly recommend her and Clicker Canines for anyone looking to help out their dogs!


Oswego, IL 




Patricia's methods are kind and focused, and exactly what our dogs needed to help with their troubles. (She's also a good people trainer too--as we needed just as much help as the dogs did!)

Our dogs respond to her very well, and we can definitely see improvements in our daily lives by using her techniques.


New Lenox, IL



When we got a new puppy, Dabby, I knew I wanted to do positive training and possibly even clicker training. I began the search for a class in the area. I wasn't happy to find that most of the classes were using methods we wanted to avoid - choke collars, prong collars, etc. I finally came upon Patricia Calderone/Clicker Canines. When I called to discuss taking a puppy class, she advised that she currently wasn't offering a "class" but did in-home training. She thoroughly explained what she offered and some of the advantages of one-on one training. We were able to work on specific issues my new puppy had that would not have been addressed in a group class. Patricia was so easy to work with and goes above and beyond. She is always willing to answer any questions that come up outside of the training. She was also very flexible with our schedule and not super rigid when it came to using the clicker. I was never able to master the click and treat appropriately and I was able to use voice cues instead. I highly recommend Patricia Calderone/Clicker Canines.


Johnson family, Manhattan, IL  



We are so proud of our Jackie girl and the progress she has made. We knew she was a smart cookie but she blew us away with how quickly she caught onto new tasks. A huge thanks to Clicker Canines and all they have done for us!

Olson family , Manhattan, IL



We are very grateful to Patricia for helping us with our puppy, Flynn! She was able to teach us how to interact with Flynn and give positive reinforcement. She was patient and very knowledgeable. She helped us understand the way dogs speak to us and showed us how to create a happy, healthy environment for our puppy. We learned so much and would highly recommend this course!

The Bittle Family, Channahon, IL 



We are the Drynans and our Kahlua has gone through the Clicker Canines in-home course with Patricia Calderone. We are so proud of Kahlua. The work Patricia puts into her program is amazing! To begin to understand your new pet at any age the best gift you could give is Patricia's training. We had another pet some time ago and we truly believe EVERYTHING would have been different had we known about Clicker Canines. We are fortunate to have had the experience of learning great things for our pet & family member. The time is taken to understand what makes their little minds tick and why, the amount of support and resource is also endless. We still find ourselves referencing all the material. The program truly is set up to be a success for the pet and the family because it is not difficult to invest in what truly matters and that is a happy doggie like our Kahlua. Thank you to Clicker Canines for all the time and work you put into Kahlua and to help us reach the best we can be together. 


The Drynan Family

Manhattan, IL 

Patricia, I want to thank you for helping me understand what Chance was feeling and that he is a wonderful puppy. You opened my eyes to a new perspective on how dogs think and why they react in certain ways. I needed help working with him and integrating him into our lives that are sometimes surrounded by chaos with 2 children and an 11 year old dog. You taught me vital lessons to bring out his best behavior. The lessons I carry with me often when I am working with him and understanding the "whys." He has become a wonderful addition to our family with your help and your genuine love for dogs. You enabled me to give him a Chance.

Thank you ! 
The Milinis Family

Lockport, IL

Ridley ( golden doodle puppy) learned so much from Patricia.  She is wonderful to work with and Ridley loved her!  Ridley knows all his commands and goes to his mat when he needs to calm down.  I like that her training methods are positive and not forced.  Everything Patricia has taught us is used on a daily basis.  Patricia is very knowledgeable, professional and patient.  


Lydia, New Lenox, IL

Ridley (GoldenDoodle)



We were hesitant about Canine Clickers at first, but knew that we wanted to use a positive reinforcement based program and this seemed like the best & only option in our area. We love that Patricia was able to provide one-on-one training specifically designed for Tucker in our home. She assessed his needs and tailored her 4 week program to fit our concerns and our pup's trouble areas. She not only successfully trained Tucker in many areas, but she trained us as well to approach and react appropriately. She was available between weekly visits to answer any questions or address any concerns that arose and she was quick in her responses. While Tucker still has work to do, we now feel confident in the way we approach and handle each situation and have seen a drastic improvement in his behavior. We highly recommend Patricia and Clicker Canines and are so happy we chose to work with her! Thank you, Patricia!


Lauren & Adam, New Lenox, IL

Tucker (Collie Mix)

A little over four months ago, my husband and I adopted a 1.5 year old German Shepherd mix.  He came to us with a some baggage-- separation anxiety and a fear of men.  His SA was so bad that he had accidents in the house, left gouges in our door, and chipped his tooth in an attempt to get out of the house.  Our vet suggested we put Odin on fluoxetine (Prozac), but it was clear that he would also need training and behavior modification to help him overcome his anxiety.  Enter Patricia Calderone of Clicker Canines.  I had done quite a bit of reading and research on separation anxiety and fearful dogs before we found Patricia, but being able to see an experienced trainer in action with Odin was invaluable.  Patricia is a knowledgeable, patient, and compassionate trainer.  We had six sessions in our home, but she kept up wonderful communication in between.  She sent helpful articles, outlines of our sessions, and requests for updates; and it was obvious that she truly cared about helping Odin.  She gave both Odin and me so many skills to help boost his confidence and conquer his fears.  


In the short six weeks that we had with Patricia, Odin made incredible progress.  Separation anxiety and fear won't disappear overnight, but Patricia gave me the conviction and tools that I need to continue to work with Odin so he can be a happy and self-assured dog.  If you think that a trainer is just someone you need to help teach your dog basic commands and pretty tricks, think again.  Patricia can work with you and your dog to overcome difficult behavioral obstacles, and I guarantee that you will learn so much about dogs and about yourself along the way.


Madeline Elliott, New Lenox, IL 

Odin, German Shepard


Edgar learned so much so fast in his short time he's been with me. Thanks to Clicker Canines, Patricia has shown me that even a wild JRT puppy can learn and focus.  It's been a lot of fun and enlightening watching him pick up new behaviors so quickly.  I can't wait to continue on the adventure with him and Patricia's training to watch how he shapes into an amazing, well behaved dog!


Mark, Orland Park, IL

Edgar (Jack Russel Terrier)

Patricia has been wonderful to work with.  We love her enthusiasm and our pups love her as well.  Patricia assisted us with puppy training for our twin min pins.  They responded great to the clicker training and I can't imagine training any other way.  Patricia customized our training so that we could work with both pups at the same time and offered very helpful solutions for potty training which can be difficult with one puppy, let alone two.  We can't wait to have her back to continue our puppies' education.

Sherri Kobel, Homer Glen, IL
Teddy & Mia (Miniature Pinschers)

Patricia, we think you are a great trainer! Coco responded very well 
to you and is improving on a daily basis.  She responds to "sit" very well and has recognized her mat as her spot to relax on.  You have taught Coco and my family some very valuable tools which we will implement from here on out! Thank you!

Tiffany Joseph & Family (Poodle mix)

Patricia, Thank you so much for everything you have taught Logan (our pitbull puppy).  Logan learned so much so fast in his short time with Patricia and loved the time he was able to spend with her.  Patricia was very patient with Mike and I, she also showed us that training can be easy and fun. She was so helpful with our thousands of questions we had for her and gave us the best advice. Everything that our dog learned within the 6 week course blew our mind.  We even found out he was always one step ahead of us..haha. I am very happy with Patricia's knowledge and with everything she taught our dog, but also with us as well on how to be the best dog owner we can be. Patricia's Clicker Canines service is extraordinary!  Very glad and appreciative that Peace for Pits recommended her and we will always pass the word on about her services. 

Mike and Dana of Shorewood, IL 

I would like to talk to you about your other levels of training - I have enjoyed working with you and I think it would be nice to work with the same trainer to keep things consistent especially since I would like to do therapy work with him in the future.


Amy, Homer Glen, IL
Staszu (Polish Sheepdog)


Patricia, Thank you so much for everything you have taught Austin (Boston Terrier).  He has learned so 
much from you. I am so happy we took your course, he has done so well. He is going to make a great therapy dog 

John Greenan and Austin 
(Boston Terrier)
Director of Paws Animal Shelter

& Paws Therapy Program

Patricia's Clicker Canines service is phenomenal! I almost gave up on trying to train my 8 month old beagle/boston terrier mix, Penny, until I saw Patricia's training service at Pet-palooza in Orland Park. She was very patient with me and showed me that training can be easy and fun. Everything that my dog learned within the 6 week course blew my mind. I am very happy with Patricia's knowledge and with everything she taught my dog, but me as well on how to be the best dog owner I can be. I would definitely refer friends and family to her. Thank you Patricia!!

Beth H., Orland Park, IL
Penny (Beagle/Boston mix)


It was amazing watching Patricia with my two dogs.  I saw a side of them that I hoped was there but never saw.  Emma has gained confidence in herself, she has shown a lot of improvement. Some of her fears have gone away, she isn't afraid of Danny anymore.  

Now, I have to use the tools given to me.
Maureen Nebel, Orland Park, IL
Emma & Fiona (Two rescued Beagles)

I received everything, I expected from the class and more!  I wanted my dogs to be "good citizens" that would behave appropriately.  They are getting better everyday.  Patricia has a wonderful way with animals."

Kathy Passafiume, Orland Park, IL  
Griffin (Boston Terrier) and Pumpkin (Maltese)


Patricia came out to our house to conduct a behavioral assessment. During the time she met with us, we learned how some of our reactions to our dog's unwanted behaviors were not only reinforcing the behaviors, but also sending messages to our dog to react in a fearful manner.  We found Patricia's insight very helpful, and appreciated her professionalism, knowledge, and thoughtful approach.  

Coughlin Family (Beagle)

We have been doing the exercises you showed us with Chesney & he is doing 
great.  I will call you next week to see when we could get another lesson in. He is doing exactly what he is supposed to, very quickly.  Also, I hope you don't 
mind but, I gave my sister your name & number.  She has a silky terrier who is 
biting her.  Patricia, thank you again for your very knowledgeable information.

Diana and Chesney (Boxer)

Thank you so much for coming over and training Binto, he really caught on.  It 
was amazing to see how Chiquita remembered what you trained her a couple years ago.  You made me realize how smart she can be.

Carly and Chiquita (Chihuahua)

Since beginning your training, Keeley

has made a lot of improvement and learned so much!  It has really helped me to enjoy my dog, by reducing my frustrations with her.  


The investment we made in  your training was well worth it!

Jacksa Family of Crest Hill, IL

On March 21, 2009 I officially adopted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from the Greater Chicago Cavalier Rescue Organization. My dog, Leah, was rescued from a horrible puppy mill in Iowa. They didn't even know how old she was exactly, somewhere between 3 and 4 years old but she had given birth to multiple litters of puppies.  When Leah came to her forever home, she was timid, scared, not very socialized and starved for affection and love.  Through reading and research I ran across clicker dog trainer Patricia Calderone. We made contact and Patricia agreed to come to my home once a week to train Leah. They immediately clicked and Patricia slowly but surely started to bring Leah out of her shell and with constant reinforcement from me and my husband we could actually see a personality of confidence developing.  Just the sit/stay command was a big accomplishment for Leah and during the first six weeks of training Leah associated the clicker with something "good" and would follow the instruction to the letter. Without a doubt hot dogs are her "treat of choice,” second only to popcorn.  I can't tell you how happy I was when she began to recognize the "come" command. In the 18 weeks Leah has come from "rescue dog timid" to "Miss Sassy Pants" as Patricia has affectionately nicknamed her.  She can Hi-five, Ping, Crawl, Roll it, Are you Sad, Spin, sit/stay/down, ring the bell on the door to go out (though we still work on this one), and now we're slowly introducing her to some "obstacle course" activities.  I have learned quite a bit from Clicker Canines, including patience.  Patricia approaches each session as an accomplishment and it’s been quite rewarding to witness her dedication to her positive methods of training.  I'm going to miss her weekly visits probably just as much as Leah...Yes its true - Leah "senses" when she's coming and she sits on the couch waiting for the doorbell to ring and she's off to greet her friend, her teacher. If you have a pet and want a positive 
training experience, I highly recommend Patricia Calderone of Clicker Canines.  I am probably the biggest skeptic on the planet and I don't fall for just anything so trust me, Clicker Canines is the positive training way to go for your pet.  If you'd like more personal insight on Clicker Canines or have questions please email me @

Charmin and Leah (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

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