In-home Courses

Our Household Manner Courses can turn your dog around from Crazy to Calm and help make your life more enjoyable with your dog! All in-home training services are customized to your wants and needs.


Our current in-home training options are listed below.

Foundation Course (4 week course) Puppies or Adolescent dogs

Cost: $425.00

This service is for you to start off your new pup, rescue dog, or your out of control adolescent dog with the right tools.  This is a great service to help you create a well-mannered dog. Foundation course is 4 lessons for 50 mins a week to help give you the guidance you need to give your puppy a good start in life.

The first lesson is a little over an hour long because we go over and discuss canine stress signals. We go over your timing and treat delivery. This is also the time we answer any questions and take any additional history. 


We will help with potty training, crate training, nipping and mouthing, chewing, jumping, leash manners, handling, socialization, healthy interactions with other dogs, and other potential problem behaviors that come up. We will also give guidance about proper nutrition and toys for your puppy.

Includes: Training outline from each lesson on management, training, and homework. We provide mental activity games and canine confidence equipment (by FitPAWS) at each lesson that will be used and left at your house to play until the next lesson.

Behavior Modification 6-week Program* 

Cost: $600.00

This is for dogs of all ages with behavioral issues (fearful to reactivity). This service includes phone and email support, a clicker, wristband (for your clicker). The initial consultation is for one and a half hours. Additional sessions will be for 50 minutes. The first lesson we will go over canine body language (stress signals), your timing and treat delivery. We will go over the science of how dogs learn and our desensitization/counter-conditioning protocols which might be needed to help change the emotions of your dog to a more positive outlook - behind every behavior is an emotion. 


Includes the following behaviors, but is not limited to them. We add on to all of the behaviors that are learned with adding distractions, duration, distance. We also can design our 6-week package to help fit your family and dog's needs:  

  • Reactivity on leash to other dogs

  • Fearful of unfamiliar people

  • Impulse control exercises

  • Brushing up on Foundation skills

  • Reliable recall games

  • Go to your place

  • Name game

  • Rock-solid stays

  • Attention exercises

  • Polite greets (no jumping)

  • Door manners

  • Go to kennel (from distance, on cue)

  • Leave it (using distractors such as food on floor)

  • Precision heeling

  • Door manners with door bell 

  • Self control exercises using learned cues

  • Take it / Give it game

  • Leave it (heeling and recall past plate of food)

  • Rock-solid stay (the final steps with Distance)

  • Emergency down

  • Off-leash heeling

  • Hand signals from a distance

  • Front & Finish

  • Retrieving items

  • Go outs

  • Scent games


Requirements for all Levels: 

  • Scheduling of your appointments will be weekly for 6 consecutive weeks (each session is 50 minutes).


  • You will be given two cancellations per 6-weeks for illness, injury, emergency, etc...any canceled sessions therafter will be extra.


  • The first lesson will be approximately 1 hour and a half hours, saving time for intro and questions.


  • Unlimited phone and email time for any questions you might have during training


  • A flat mat (LEVEL 1)


  • Completion of Human Clicker Games (LEVEL 1)


Patricia's Clicker Canines service is phenomenal! I almost gave up on trying to train my 8 month old beagle/boston terrier mix, Penny, until I saw Patricia's training service at Pet-palooza in Orland Park. She was very patient with me and showed me that training can be easy and fun. Everything that my dog learned within the 6 week course blew my mind. I am very happy with Patricia's knowledge and with everything she taught my dog, but me as well on how to be the best dog owner I can be. I would definitely refer friends and family to her. Thank you Patricia!!

Beth H., Orland Park, IL
Penny (Beagle/Boston mix)


Patricia, we think you are a great trainer! Coco responded very well 
to you and is improving on a daily basis.  She responds to "sit" very well and has recognized her mat as her spot to relax on.  You have taught Coco and my family some very valuable tools which we will implement from here on out! Thank you!

Tiffany Joseph & Family (Poodle mix)


I highly recommend Patricia and her classes, she did amazing work with our dog and all of our clients that have used her have also been very satisfied.

PET ENVY SPA, Manhattan, IL