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Welcome to Clicker Canines

Let us help you make life with your dog more enjoyable!
We can help you...

Teach your dog to have self-control.

Teaching your dog how to control themselves will allow you to take your dog out in public and have people over without frustration.


Give you the tools to have a well-behaved dog.
Having these tools allows you to maintain your dog's good behavior, saving time and money in the future.


Communicate the expectations you have for your dog. Training is all about communication and once you and your dog know how to communicate effectively, you'll have a lot more fun together!


Strengthen the bond between you and your dog.
Good behavior lets you have the dog you envision -

a faithful, happy companion that enjoys being with you.


Train with a KPA CTP (Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner) CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers) We will teach you the training methods used and backed up by science for all animals not just dogs; no made up training here. Anyone one can call themselves a dog trainer, Clicker Canines takes pride in our education and skills to separate us from the rest. 


Create a harmonious relationship with your family dog using friendly and fun methods!

Clicker Canines offers in-home training courses, behavior consults and group classes to help turn your dog around from Crazy to Calm!


All of our training uses force-free, reward based methods that are scientifically proven to create a happy and healthy relationship between you and your dog.

No Shock, Prong or Choke chains are used!
Train Without Pain!

Hiring Patrica, owner and trainer of Clicker Canines, to help train our puppy was one of the best decisions for our family. My husband and I had been weary of brining in a new puppy into our home with our boisterous toddler. As if it were magic, from the first lesson, Patricia helped us (humans) understand WHY our puppy would do certain behaviors and those insights were key to training Winston correctly. Patricia’s mere presence, no voice, would command Winston’s actions and in four short weeks, we watched our puppy transform before our very eyes to a loving member of our family. Our toddler even noticed Winston’s behavior change and gave her the biggest compliment of all saying “you’re really good at your job Ms. Patricia” and we couldn’t agree more!

Nacke Family

I am writing to let you know that clicker training and Patricia Calderone are fantastic! I rescued an eight week old puppy that ended up having handling problems. He was growling and trying to bite us whenever we would touch him.


Patricia taught us to handle him in such a way that he would overcome his fears. I am currently enrolled in my second group class session with Patricia and would HIGHLY recommend her and positive reinforcement training!


The class sessions are not the only service that Patricia provides. She sends out class outlines after the class with detailed descriptions of how to practice the new skill from class at home, as well as video clips to watch. 


She has gone above and beyond for my family always answering questions specific to my puppy even when the class sessions were over. I know that I will be able to reach out to Patricia for future questions even if I am not enrolled in a class at that time.


She is my go to dog trainer! 


I do not know that I would still have my dog today if she had not come to our rescue! The goal is to keep the dogs out of the shelters and Patricia has helped us turn our challenging puppy into a great family friend. I have a picture of my husband holding Reggie. He would not allow us to pick him up and the picture is proof of how well the training has worked for us! 

Brauer Family
Reggie (Viszla Mix)


Why Choose Clicker Canines?

Professional Credentials,

Memberships & Affiliations

  • Work with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer
  • Get a well-behaved dog quickly using science-based training techniques
  • We only use humane, reward-based training methods
    (no shock collars here!)

  • We work on any type of behavior issue regardless of breed, age or ability
  • Learn how to train your dog and have fun while doing it!
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